Dr Jayne Younie (Ph.D, CCH, CMLC, NLPMP, CRMT) Qualified Therapist & Counsellor

Dr Jayne Younie Areas of Expertise

Anxiety & Depression

Emotional Abuse

General Counselling

Grief and Loss

EMDR Therapy

Life Coaching

Panic Attacks

Personal Development

Relaxation Training

Self-Esteem Issues


Social Phobias

Stress Management


Weight loss

DR JAYNE YOUNIE – Holistic Psychologist



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Consultations with Jayne

Dr Jayne Younie offers one on one consultations, and group retreats at her private clinic at 282 Monaro Rd, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213.
Consultations can also be conducted online via Zoom or phone call.




Look at the array of courses available to do online from the comfort of your own home with Dr Jayne Younie with you every step of the way


Make an Appointment with Dr Jayne Younie with over 30 years experience at helping people become the very best versions of themselves.


Book a getaway detoxing retreat at Mudgeeraba Queensland, refresh and renew your mind and body in absolute luxurious style and comfort.

Details of upcoming retreats will be posted when dates have been set.

Dr Jayne Yunie

Learn From The Best

Since Jayne started on this journey 30 years ago, she has never really stopped educating herself in the pursuit of knowledge to answer the big questions of the “how” and “why” we do the things we do, react the way we do, and how emotions, energy, vibration and the actual make-up of the mind work together to create our experiences. The Mind Mentor was a name given to her by a professor of hers in one of her many college experiences, because, as he said, she was a polymath with  a unique way of getting to the root cause of most conditions through her vast knowledge of the workings of the mind. Jayne is not the sort of counsellor that people see for years and years, there is simply no need to. Jayne teaches her patients the techniques they need to always be able to obtain the results they need, when they need them. That’s what makes her very special and unique. She has spent the past few years putting all this into an upcoming program, “Journey to Wholeness Initiative”, so that everyone can achieve these results through online teaching, workshops and consultations involved in this program.


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Jayne will be able to quickly access what is the best course of action to help you resolve whatever issues are troubling you. yopu can make an appointment for consultation, a call back ( phone) or a zoom call.