I  hear clients say, “I am this way because ……..” “This is why I am the way I am…”

I hear clients say, “I am this way because ……..” “This is why I am the way I am…”

re NOT unable to change

You have free choice and free will. This gives you the green light to BE WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE!

Do not let other people dictate what you SHOULD be, how to behave, how to speak, how to act.


✅ Be free
✅ Be happy
✅ Be calm
✅ Be relaxed
✅ Be full of love and let fear go
✅ Be judgement free
✅ Be like a child and have fun

You are you and you need to feel proud of yourself for how far you have come in life.
Let your weaknesses become your strength.

Yes we all have bits of ourselves we are unhappy with and if you can change these, then go ahead and work on yourself.

Life is a never-ending journey of finding out who we are at the core of our being………………

But enjoy yourself on the journey of life.

Reach out if you are struggling in life ❤

Firstly, I am a trained, qualified, and practicing Dr of metaphysical Science, mind/body transformational/ manifesting master life coach, EMDR therapist and master of NLP, timeline therapist, empath and suicidal counsellor. I have over 30 years’ experience in these fields of helping people to divinely connect with and embrace their authentic selves. I guide people to weave the magic of their own inner strength and power into every aspect of their lives, creating a radical shift from within. This shift moves the person away from self-doubt, low self-esteem, sadness, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and panic attacks.