If you want real permanent change, then stop procrastinating!

If you want real permanent change, then stop procrastinating!

I hear so many people talk about all the changes they want in their lives, again and again, but do absolutely nothing!

Get to know your procrastination triggers people!

There are six “triggers” that contribute the most to making us procrastinate on doing a task.”

The task is:

1. Boring.
2. Difficult.
3. Frustrating.
4. Uncertain or doubtful.
5. It has no personal interest or meaning for you.
6. Lacks any reward for you.

If you have more than one trigger to do a task, then you are more likely to procrastinate doing it.

How can you change procrastination?

1. Identify why you are procrastinating.

2. Now create a different solution, other than doing nothing.

👉 A large task is always overwhelming, so break it into smaller parts and set aside a little time each day to chip away at it.
👉 A boring task is more exciting if you do it with someone else, put music on, give yourself a reward at the end of it.

3. Think of yourself in a year having done nothing! It doesn’t look nice does it?

This might be the push you need to STOP procrastination!

You can do it!

Firstly, I am a trained, qualified, and practicing Dr of metaphysical Science, mind/body transformational/ manifesting master life coach, EMDR therapist and master of NLP, timeline therapist, empath and suicidal counsellor. I have over 30 years’ experience in these fields of helping people to divinely connect with and embrace their authentic selves. I guide people to weave the magic of their own inner strength and power into every aspect of their lives, creating a radical shift from within. This shift moves the person away from self-doubt, low self-esteem, sadness, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and panic attacks.