Do you feel like you are not at the ideal weight you would like to be?  Are you sick and tired of following diets and not sticking to them?  Do you want to feel and look better than you are?  Or are you unsure as to where to start?  Maybe wonder why you sabotage yourself, by giving up?

  • Are you picking clothes that try to cover your weight problem, rather than wearing what you would like?
  • Do you lack the motivation, or keeping the motivation to create lasting change?
  • Are you on a roller coaster of losing weight, then putting it straight back on again?
  • You are good sometimes with food, then go all out splurge on sweet treats?
  • Do you look at yourself when you lose weight and don’t notice the difference?

Do you want to work together with me to:

  • Find out why your brain is stopping you from achieving the results you would love.
  • Work out a meal plan for you and show you how to calculate it.
  • Figure out together a fitness plan, which you will enjoy doing (on Zoom, or at my gym in Mudgeeraba, QLD)
  • Help you to be accountable every step of the way to get to your goal weight
Dr Jayne Younie: Weight Loss

Make an appointment today via zoom, phone or in person at my home gym in Mudgeeraba. Together we tailor a program and find out why your brain thinks this way and what is sabotaging your results.