Do you or have you harmed yourself by way of cutting or burning or basically hurting yourself externally? Your internal pain is hard to deal with, therefore you are hurting yourself to numb the emotional pain you are feeling.

Some of the feelings are:

• You constantly have feelings of extreme stress which are elevated by way of causing bodily harm to yourself?
• It is hard for you to communicate your emotions.
• You have constant thoughts of harming yourself.
• You find that physical pain is easier to cope with rather than loneliness or anger.
• You get a sense of pleasure by self-harm.
• It is becoming harder to cover up the scars with clothing.

Most people who self-harm are not attempting suicide. Self-harm is also referred to as non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI). However self-harm can cause more damage to someone’s health and safety than they may have intended and can also cause accidental suicide. Some people who self-harm may only do so once, whereas others self-harm frequently and for many years.

Some people are more likely to self-harm than others.

Dr Jayne Younie: Understanding Self Harm

The chance of someone self-harming can increase if they have suffered or are suffering from physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or are living with a mental illness. Someone may also self-harm because of the death of a loved one, because they experience pain, such as bullying, or loss such as miscarriage, or because they experience extreme sadness or anger.

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