It is normal to feel nervous in some situations. With social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, nervousness can cause you significant anxiety, self-consciousness and embarrassment. So much so, that you can start to avoid going places.

Some of the symptoms are:

• You feel like others are judging you constantly?
• Fear, anxiety and nervousness is consuming your daily life?
• You worry about embarrassing or humiliating yourself?
• Intense fear of talking with strangers?
• Avoidance of doing things for fear.
• An expectation of the worst scenario based on past experiences?

People with social phobia may rely on drugs and alcohol to cope with anxiety triggered by social interaction. Left untreated, social phobia can lead to other high-risk behaviors, including:

  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • loneliness
  • thoughts of suicide

The outlook for social anxiety is good with treatment. Therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication can help many people cope with their anxiety and function in social situations.

Dr Jayne Younie: Shyness and social skills deficits

Social phobia doesn’t have to control your life. Although it may take weeks or months, psychotherapy and/or medication can help you begin to feel calmer and more confident in social situations.

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