Low self-esteem means not holding yourself in high regard. You don’t feel confident in situations and can feel anxious, and you may criticise yourself harshly. You see yourself, your world, and your future very negatively and critically. No one is born with a low self-esteem; it develops as a result of certain experiences we have encountered throughout our life.

You may feel:

• You hate everything about your life?
• Your outlook on your life is very critical and negative?
• You can feel stupid and anxious and sad at times?
• There is always a negative response to your life?
• Your self-image is very negative, i.e., not pretty enough, you are boring etc.

The cycle of self-criticism can sap away a person’s joy in life. They may stop doing hobbies they once enjoyed for fear of judgment. Feelings of anger, guilt, or sadness may keep them from enjoying what activities they do try. Some people may do self-destructive behaviors such as abusing substances or neglecting hygiene.

Self-doubt can interfere with productivity at work or school. A person may worry so much about others’ opinions that they don’t focus on the task at hand. They may avoid taking risks or making goals out of a certainty they will fail. A person with low self-esteem may lack resilience in the face of a challenge.

Dr Jayne Younie: Self Esteem and Self Development

Self-esteem issues can also impact one’s social life. Someone with low self-esteem may believe they are unworthy of love. They may try to “earn” the love of others and accept negative treatment. Others may bully and criticize others to compensate for their own insecurities. A fear of rejection can prevent people from seeking relationships at all. Social isolation can further feed into a negative self-image.

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