Do you desperately want to relax and find life is so busy and stressful you find it hard? Your mind just doesn’t want to let go of the mindless chatter? You feel frazzled and starting to feel a little anxious? Needing some balance of you/relaxation. Want to learn how to defrazzle and breathe into life again!

  • You find your mind does not want to switch off, or wanders constantly
  • Your life feels chaotic and stress is at an all-time high
  • You would love to learn how to relax without going on a retreat
  • You find it hard to sleep and you might be suffering from high blood pressure

Relaxation is a crucial ingredient in many empirically supported contemporary psychosocial treatments for various disorders, including such therapies as the Mastery of Your Anxiety and Panic program, which is a treatment for panic disorder. Relaxation training, in its various forms, is used most often as an adjunctive intervention, comprising one part of a comprehensive treatment program.

Relaxation training also can be used to help facilitate communication during a therapy session with a client who may be too tense or anxious to communicate effectively with the therapist.

Dr Jayne Younie: Relaxation Training

Relaxation training (especially progressive muscle relaxation) often is used in conjunction with systematic desensitization, a procedure designed to lower fear or anxiety toward a specific stimulus (or stimuli) by pairing the feared stimulus or thoughts of the feared stimulus with relaxation.

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