A revolutionary new approach to the treatment of depression, anxiety, emotional overwhelm and shutdown. This 3 month program has been designed to eliminate the need for years and years of therapy.  Combining scientific research and 31 years of evidence based psychological treatment for depression.

This program is structured utilizing a display of different types of therapies and modalities both modern and ancient.  Proven strategies for dealing with the symptoms by way of educating you in an easy-to-understand way through short educational videos.  How to work with your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how to easily reprogram your mind and shift your thinking to create a positive change in how you process the events of your life. The “how’s” of your brains thinking.  The “why’s” you feel this way and “what’s” you can do to change all of you!

This process helps get to the root cause by way of identifying your core belief structures and habits, which have caused unwanted emotional symptoms and behaviours.

The goal is to understand, learn and grow from past experiences which change the underlying cause of your unwanted emotions and long-term behaviour.

Allowing you the expertise to take control of your depression by taking back the control of your mental health.

Dr Jayne Younie's Journey to Wholeness Program

Each module focuses on teaching via short, easy to understand educational videos, with workbooks to self-evaluate, along with a practical skill you can use to begin changing the vicious cycle of depression. Once you complete a module, there is an audio to reprogram positive suggestions into the sub conscious mind.  Along with an exercise where you will have 7 days to practice your new skill before the next lesson begins.

This is complimented with continued analysis and feedback from completed workbooks, monthly 1:1 counselling sessions and fortnightly live workshops.


The changes and positive effects on your psychological wellbeing will change you from the inside out and ultimately change every area of your thinking and your life.  This will extend well beyond the time of the program.