Did you know that holding onto a grudge is affecting your health?

Did you know that holding onto a grudge is affecting your health?

If you harbour anger, bitterness, resentment, or any other negative feelings for a long time are someone has done something to hurt you. This can usually mean just thinking that someone is against you or means you harm, even when they don’t! Or persistent thinking about the person or incident over and over in your mind
If you’re still angry or thinking about long after the incident, you are holding a grudge.
What you don’t realise is that you are hurting yourself in the process.
Holding onto a grudge can impact your mental health in a negative way.

It can make you:

❌ More angry
❌ Depressed
❌ Trapped in a loop of resentment
❌ Feeling bitter
❌ Feeling empty
❌ Feeling hurt

Reliving the negative incident and emotions over and over can be upsetting, draining, and frustrating, as nothing gets resolved or changes and it is often exaggerated making it more painful in itself.

So please, if you are holding onto a grudge, forgiveness and acceptance is the key, for YOUR emotional wellbeing. This leads to an emotionally stable mindset, less stress and a healthier well-being.

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