Remember the phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it”

Remember the phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it”

I am a great believer in manifestation, I teach manifesting anything you want in life.

WHY does manifesting work for some people and not for others?

1. If you don’t really BELIEVE you are worth what you desire, then no amount of focusing, will attract exactly what you want. You must look at what your beliefs are around your desire. eg, you want a large amount of financial prosperity. If you have a lack mentality, or grew up with parents where you were told “money doesn’t grow on trees” no amount of focus will bring it into your life until you change this belief.

2. You must totally 100% speak, act, visualise and in every cell of your body FEEL like you already have already received what you desire NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU. Do not listen to anyone else saying you won’t, can’t, impossible to get it.

Now this isn’t to say for example you want financial abundance, that you sit around and not work and do nothing, just waiting for it to come in. You still work and carry on as usual but keep feeling what it is like to have lots of money, what you will do with this money, how it will bring so much joy to your life and open new opportunities. You have to say it out loud every day as though you already have it. ALWAYS speak in the present moment.

3. Be specific in what you are manifesting, don’t say “I now have huge financial prosperity” you have to be specific in the amount and put a date to it. “I now have $X amount by Date.
Write in on paper, put it where you can see it every day and read it out loud lots of times a day.
When you first start doing this, you might find a $10 note say Thank you. This is showing you how the energetic frequency is shifting. Keep going!

4. When you receive what it is you set your intention on, you must always give something back to the world, expecting nothing in return. Such as a percentage of money to charity, or a free session to someone who really needs it.

This is showing your gratitude and appreciation and you will attract much more.
When you start, begin small and have fun.

Let me know what you have manifested into your life? ❤🙏

Firstly, I am a trained, qualified, and practicing Dr of metaphysical Science, mind/body transformational/ manifesting master life coach, EMDR therapist and master of NLP, timeline therapist, empath and suicidal counsellor. I have over 30 years’ experience in these fields of helping people to divinely connect with and embrace their authentic selves. I guide people to weave the magic of their own inner strength and power into every aspect of their lives, creating a radical shift from within. This shift moves the person away from self-doubt, low self-esteem, sadness, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and panic attacks.