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Dr jayne Younie
Dr Jayne Younie
Lecturer - Facilitator


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Change can be a difficult and slow process, or not at all!  Where do we start? What do we do? How do we get there?  We will sit and procrastinate, rather than get off the lounge and do something constructive, which will benefit an area of our life.

Are you ready to embrace change “head on” stepping through your comfort zone and bring on a new and improved you?

In this short course we will delve into the reasons behind why nothing changes and ways in which we sabotage ourselves in every area of life.

In seven days, you will be gently guided to create the blueprint for radical and permanent change in any area you choose.

Learn through short educational videos what is stopping you from creating positive changes and how to start training your mind for change I almost any area you choose to change. Heal your mind of past blockages and reprogram your subconscious for permanent change.  Journal your way to a future where changes are evident to all who know you.  Learn how to bring change into your life and keep it here for always!


Course outline

2 x Audios 

Heal your mind of past negativity and fear of change

Reprogram your subconscious mind for radical commitment to lasting change


1 x Future Self Journal – Give yourself the kickstart of the gift of journalling your goals to “concrete in” the desired changes

7 x Videos (5 min)

  1. Why – we want change and do nothing
  2. Awareness is a good start
  3. Making the decision
  4. Asking the right questions
  5. Prepare for change
  6. Taking Action
  7. Follow through