Breaking the Chains of Victim Mentality

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Dr jayne Younie
Dr Jayne Younie
Lecturer - Facilitator


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People who have a victim mentality believe that life happens to them rather than for them. As a result, they believe that everyone else is the cause of their life always going wrong!

If you are sick and tired of playing the victim in your life and are ready to “step up” and take full responsibility and control of your life, breaking the chains of the victim mentality, that you believe has been given to you, then this is the course where you will learn how to take full responsibility of healing yourself from the “inside out”

In this short course you will learn through short educational videos how to break the “poor me syndrome” and stop the blame game in it’s tracks. Looking into healing your past root cause and letting go of the hold it has over your present and ultimately future life.

Breaking those recurring thought cycles and shifting the mind into top gear towards positivity.  Your life will never be the same again and people will begin to notice the new, more positive version of you.  Catapulting you towards happier moments, people and experiences.


Course outline


2 x Audio Meditations 

Morning Affirmations – Leaving the negative mindset behind and moving towards a positive day.

 Evening Forgiveness and Gratitude –   Ending each day with a letting go and gratitude for all that we have learned about ourselves.


2 x Hypnotherapy Audios –         

Heal the past and all which has been learnt and been held onto.

  1. Reprogram the subconscious mind for a new positive way of thinking, believing and acting.

1 x eBook  – Follow along exercises to compliment the videos and allow you to reflect on your actions and create new processes

  1. x Videos (10 min)
  1. Recognise the problem is you
  2. Stop playing the “Poor me” card
  3. Avoid blaming others
  4. Look at the root cause
  5. Forgiveness of self and others
  6. Identify limiting thoughts
  7. Shift your mentality


Breakthrough the chains of scarcity, feelings of your being. This is a potent frequency upgrade that will turn your anxieties into abundance and your fears into freedom, as you charge more for your potent work with love, grace, and unwavering confidence.